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If you don’t vote, McCaskill Wins

If you don’t vote, McCaskill wins!

Follow the money!

There is one person who is pouring in cash in an effort to swing the elections her way. And that is our self-proclaimed moderate, Senator Claire McCaskill. So far in 2014, she has personally contributed $750,000 to the MO Democrat State Committee. In October alone she gave $460,000.

All across the state of MO, Democrats are trying to win seats in the state legislature and change the balance of power. When you look at the “paid for” on some Democrat materials you see MO Democratic State Committee.

Democrats are targeting our Senator Rob Schaaf, Kevin Corlew running for the house in the open 14th district and Rep. Ken Wilson in the 12th. They want to put in far left ideologues who will vote for more big government. We have to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Why is McCaskill so interested in the Missouri Legislature? Rumors have been circulating for a while that she plans to run for Governor of MO.

Get out and vote and get all your friends out to vote. We can’t yet vote against McCaskill, but we sure can keep her friends out.