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By Laws


Adopted 11 September 2006


The purpose of this County Committee shall be to foster loyalty to the Republican Party, to promote its principles, and to recruit, assist and elect Republican candidates.


Section 1. Eligibility
Members of the Platte County Republican Central Committee (PCRCC) are the Committeemen and Committeewomen elected pursuant to law. Prior to election, each member must have been both a registered voter and resident of the county and the committee district for at least one year.

Section 2. Vacancies
Any vacancy of the County Committee shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the committee.

Section 3. Responsibilities
Each member is responsible for the activity and functioning of the Republican Party and its structures within the County Committee District. These activities and functions include:
(1) Attend meetings of the County Committee;
(2) Support candidates of the Republican Party; and
(3) Support the activities of the County Committee.


Section 1. Central Committee Officers
The officers of the County Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall be elected according to the laws of the State (Section 115.615 RSMO) and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Missouri Republican Party.

Section 2. Chairman
The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the County Committee. The Chairman is the Chief Executive Officer of the County Committee. If the Chairman is absent, unable, or unwilling to preside, the Vice Chairman shall do so. The Chairman should annually present a plan of programs and priorities to the County Committee for its approval.

Section 3. Vice Chairman
The Vice Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman in his or her absence. It shall be the job of the Vice Chairman to seek new members willing to fill any vacancies on the County Committee, unless the County Committee shall assign the responsibility elsewhere.

Section 4. Secretary
The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the County Committee and shall keep an account of the proceedings to be recorded in a permanently maintained book. The Secretary shall provide a five (5) day advance meeting notice in writing to each County Committee member. An alternative notice method may be adopted by the County Committee by a unanimous decision. During the absence of the Secretary, the presiding officer shall appoint one of the members to act as Secretary. Following the election of officers, the Secretary shall send the Missouri Republican Party a written list of the current names and addresses of all officers of the County Committee. If the Secretary is not an elected member of the County Committee, he or she shall be a non-voting member.

Section 5. Treasurer
a) The Treasurer shall receive all monies and shall disburse the same as authorized by the County Committee. The Treasurer shall keep proper permanent books of all receipts and disbursements, which shall be open to the inspection of any member of the County Committee at reasonable times. The Treasurer shall report at each regular and special meeting of the County Committee all receipts and disbursements since the preceding report. The Treasurer shall file all required campaign finance reports. The Treasurer should present an annual financial statement to the members of the County Committee and shall surrender all records to be audited before the regular organizational meeting of the County Committee. If the Treasurer is not a member of the County Committee, he or she shall be a non-voting member.

b) The County Committee may elect a Deputy Treasurer with the advice and consent of the Treasurer. The Deputy Treasurer shall fulfill the normal duties of the Treasurer in the event of absence or incapacity and shall succeed to the position of Treasurer in the event of vacancy by death, resignation or removal from office. In the event of succession to the position of Treasurer by the Deputy Treasurer, the County Committee shall confirm the successor as the new Treasurer or elect a new Treasurer at the next regular County Committee meeting.

Section 6. Subcommittees
The County Committee may appoint subcommittees to perform specific duties. Such subcommittees serve at the pleasure of the County Committee, or until a new County Committee is elected. Subcommittee members need not be limited to the members of the County Committee.

Section 7. Executive Committee
There shall be an Executive Committee which shall consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer, if any. The Executive Committee shall have the primary responsibility to oversee and direct the receipt and disbursement of campaign contributions by the Platte County Republican Central Committee. The Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer shall be responsible for actual receipts and disbursements as directed by the Executive Committee. If the Secretary, Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer are not voting members of the Platte County Republican Committee, they shall be non-voting members of the Executive Committee.


Section 1. Party Reorganization
The County Committee shall meet to reorganize every two (2) years or as prescribed by Missouri laws. As the first issue of the reorganization meeting of the County Committee, the County Committee may, by the traditional voting method (one vote per person) with a simple majority vote of a quorum, determine the voting method to be utilized by the County Committee and define any and all issues of the County Committee to be determined by the voting method.

Section 2. Scheduled Meetings
Regularly scheduled monthly meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m. The County Committee shall hold at least four (4) meetings annually. Special meetings of the County Committee may be called at any time by the Chairman, by the Vice Chairman acting in the capacity of Chairman, or by request of one half of the members. The location of regularly scheduled meetings is in the Platte County Administration building in Platte City, MO except during election years when the PCRCC establishes a GOP Headquarters. Regularly scheduled meetings, once a Headquarters is established, will be conducted at the GOP Headquarters.

Section 3. Meeting Notice
Notice of the exact time and place of regular and special meetings shall be mailed (electronically or otherwise) to each member of the Committee by the Secretary, Chairman, Vice Chairman or members calling the same at least five (5) days before the date of such meeting, unless an alternative notice method has been unanimously adopted by the County Committee.

Section 4. Quorum
The quorum competent to transact business in all proceedings before the County Committee shall consist of seven votes. These votes may be represented by County Committee members in person or by duly held proxy. At least one officer must be present. Except as otherwise provided herein, a vote of a majority of the persons present in person or by proxy at a meeting shall constitute action by the County Committee.

Section 5. Proxy
Each proxy shall be written, shall be signed by the County Committee member giving the proxy, and shall describe the proceeding for which the proxy is to apply. A proxy must be held by a qualified voter of the sub-district of the committee member giving the proxy. Proxies need not be notarized if presented by another member of the County Committee, their spouse, or qualified voter known to an officer of the County Committee. Whereas, the purpose of notary is to verify the authenticity of the signature of the Committee member giving the proxy, it is presumed genuine unless there is evidence of fraud. The Committee Secretary or other Officer will compare signature of the proxy presented against the committee member’s proxy verification signature on file with the committee; no additional certification of authenticity is required. Committee members present by proxy will be identified in the minutes of the meeting as such along with name of person presenting the proxy. No more than one (1) proxy shall be voted by any one person.

Click here to download/print the Proxy Form.

Section 6. Meeting Agenda
The order of business at each meeting may be set by the Chairman, or may follow this outline:

a) Roll Call
b) Minutes of the last meeting
c) Report from the Treasurer
d) Reading of letters, communications and bills
e) Reports from subcommittees
f) Unfinished business
g) New business
h) Adjournment

Section 7. Executive Committee Meetings
Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called on twenty-four hours notice to members of the Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee may participate in meetings via a telephone conference call or by other electronic means.


Section 1. Removal of an Officer
Any elected or appointed officer of the County Committee may be removed from office for cause. Such removal must be done at a proper meeting of the County Committee provided that:

(a) Notice of such removal be mailed (electronically or otherwise) to every member of the County Committee at least two weeks before the meeting; and
(b) That two-thirds of the County Committee votes for such removal.

Section 2. Cause for Removal
Cause for removal will include the following:

a) Knowingly violating the Election Laws of the United States or the State of Missouri.
b) Knowingly failing to perform the duties of office as set by these Bylaws or the Constitution of the Missouri Republican Party.

Section 3. Committee Vacancy
Whenever a member of the County Committee dies, becomes disabled, resigns, or ceases to be a registered voter of or a resident of the county or the committee district from which he or she was elected, a vacancy shall exist. If there is any question about the vacancy, a majority vote of the members shall rule.

Section 4. Removal of Committeeman or Committeewoman
As the County Committee members are duly elected by the voters of their respective districts, they can only be removed from the County Committee through legal procedures.


Section 1. Amendment Process
These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the County Committee by the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the County Committee voting in person or by proxy. All proposals to amend shall be made in writing, filed with the Secretary before the meeting, and included in notice of such meeting.

Section 2. Effective
Before any amendment takes effect, a copy must be sent to the Missouri Republican Party Headquarters to be filed.


Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern all proceedings, except as provided in these bylaws, the Statutes of Missouri, or the Constitution and Bylaws of the Missouri Republican Party.

These Amended and Restated Bylaws were adopted at the September meeting of the Platte County Republican Central Committee on 11 September 2006. James T. Rooney, Chairman.

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