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Century Club

Dear Fellow Republican:

These are exciting times for the Republican Party, nationally and especially here in Platte County.  In Missouri, we expanded our super-majorities in the legislature and passed the first state income tax cut in 100 years. Here in Platte County the news is even better: for the fifth election in a row, Republicans won every County office.

While we have seen our share of successes in 2016, with winning the White House and the Governor's Mansion, 2020's election showed us our job is not done. If elections taught us anything, it is that we cannot underestimate the Progressive Socialist Democrats' siren call of something for nothing. The Democrats will always have another "free" program to buy the votes of those who are too naïve to understand that nothing from the government is "free."

Your support is vital to the success of the Republican Party.  Constitutional Amendment 2 passed on the 8 November 2016 ballot, re-imposing contribution limits to $2600 for candidates and $25,000 to political party committees.  It also prohibits Corporations and Unions from contributing directly to candidates and party committees.  That is why I am writing to ask you to help support the Platte County Republican Party by joining the Platte County Century Club. The Century Club is a group of stalwart Republicans who generously contribute $100 to support the conservative principles of personal responsibility, limited government, low taxes, and the right to life. Your contribution helps us recruit and support conservative candidates, spread the message of conservative ideas and build our party in Platte County.

The Century Club members help the Platte County Republican Central Committee establish the Platte County GOP Headquarters during election years.  We will be looking for space to rent during the General Election campaign season June to November of the election year.


Jim Rooney

Chairman, Platte County Republican Party

For more information, email

Please use this donate button to make an online contribution with PayPal. No account is needed to use the PayPal service.

If you would like to become a Century Club Member, make your contribution of $100 or more.

Pursuant to Missouri law and reporting requirements, contributions totaling more than $25. from any one individual, must include name, address and employer/occupation. If your contributions exceed the $25 limit, please download fill out the form below:

PCRCC Contribution Form

After you have completed the above form, please email it to Jim Rooney, at , or send it via postal mail to:

c/o Platte County Republican Central Committee
P.O. Box 29131
Parkville, Missouri 64152

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