Us vs. Them

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By: Erick Erickson (Diary)  |  January 14th, 2014 at 04:30 AM  |  26

The United States Chamber of Commerce, already in the tank for amnesty, is now in the tank for Common Core. The Chamber of Commerce will be funding Republican candidates to beat conservatives.

The New York Times recently ran an article on the corrupt and entangling alliances within the Mainstreet Partnership. This group of liberal Republicans, funded by an alliance of Wall Street and Labor Unions intends to defeat both conservative incumbents and challengers to Republicans.

Both of these groups are working with the Republican Establishment, including the National Republican Senatorial Committee, whose staff, when not hanging out with questionable soulsis attacking conservative talk radio hosts.

Friends, the battle lines are stark and clear. Conservatives will beat the GOP or the GOP will go left. It will go left toward amnesty, left toward common core, left toward Obamacare, left toward abortion rights, left toward gun control, and left toward tax increases and even bigger spending.

You may think you can sit it out. You may not want to get dirty. But you do not have a choice. You will either stand with the labor unions and crony capitalists funding the establishment, or with the conservative fighters funding freedom loving candidates.

One day, should I ever have the money to buy back the joint, I’m going to put a map on the front page of RedState that will make it easy for you to track all the candidates we are supporting. For now, though, I’m going to begin rolling out the list. We need to take Washington back from entrenched interests on the right and left who profit from the status quo. We must start by beating Mitch McConnell to send a shockwave before us. Then we must work in other states in the wake of that conservative victory with Matt Bevin.

It will not be easy. They will fight back hard. But it must be done. We must save the GOP from itself. To do that, we must stand together and fight against a tide of incumbency that profits off Washington’s status quo.

This week, I’ll highlight candidates we support in the House, Senate, and Governors Mansions across America. Get your credit cards out. Get your prayer lists out. We need to go to war against those who would sell out the country — even those who will have an “R” next to their name on the ballot.