Action Needed:

Who is willing to DEFUND OBAMACARE?

NOT Senator Blunt.  Senator Blunt is a co-sponsor of a bill to Defund Obamacare (Senate Bill 1292), but this bill is not going anywhere and Blunt knows it.  Blunt WILL NOT support Senator Mike Lee’s effort to defund. Senator Blunt has taken a safe political position and his staff tells us about the bill because he thinks we don’t get it. Blunt has not and will not commit to voting against all Obamacare funding.  If he is not willing to Defund then he supports funding Obamacare.  (

Congressman Graves’ name is on the House letter but his staff is still saying they don’t know how he will vote, so he needs encouragement.  (

If you want to stop Obamacare please demand our ‘representatives’ do it with the Continuing Resolution (CR).  It is our last chance!  We must make calls and write letters helping our friends and family understand.  IF Obamacare is enacted, chances are slim to none it will ever go away. Let them know Republicans do not want to shut down the federal government, they just want to shut down Obamacare.

At some point in the near future, the House of Representatives, will write and vote on a Continuing Resolution (CR) used to fund the Federal Government.

Senators Lee and Cruz are working to make sure the House produces a CR that funds every bit of the federal government with the exception of any discretionary or non- discretionary outlays for Obamacare.  NO funds left over from the last CR and NO funds going forward for Obamacare while every other bloated bureaucratic piece of the federal government is funded at today’s levels.

Leadership of the House must support a CR that Defunds Obamacare.  They need to feel the heat every single day.  Otherwise they will just continue to wave the white flag while promising to fight this battle another day and Obamacare never goes away.  

Dont let the Republicans give up without a fight. Help them go on offense and stop Obamacare  before our health care system is destroyed.

 If you want Obamacare Defunded you must Call/Fax/Email – Your Senator, Your Congressman and leadership of both the House and Senate.  Make contact every day so they know how important this is to the American people.  

Send two free faxes per day:


John Boehner, House Speaker,  Eric Cantor, House GOP Leader
DC Office 1-202-225-6205 DC Office – 1-202-225-2815
Fax:  1-202-225-0704 Fax:  1-202-225-0011
Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader
DC Office:  1-202-224-2541
Fax:  1-202-224-2499
Roy Blunt Sam Graves
DC Office: (202) 224-5721 DC Office: (202) 225-7041
Fax: (202) 224-8149 Fax: (202) 225-8221
KC Office: (816) 471-7141 KC Office: (816) 792-3976
Fax: (816) 471-7338 Fax: (816) 792-0694