The Platte County Board of Election recently decided that the Edgerton polling site would be closed.  Voters in Edgerton will now be required to cast their votes in Dearborn.  The BOE October 10 Press Release

WHEREAS, the people of Edgerton, Missouri, have a constitutionally guaranteed right to vote without undue hardship, and

WHEREAS, the Platte County Board of Elections has decided to close the Edgerton Polling site for the November 4, 2014, general election, purportedly because of a lack of election judges, and

WHEREAS, the Mayor of Edgerton and the Chairman of the Edgerton Chamber of Commerce have informed this committee that at least ten citizens of Edgerton, Missouri, both Republican and Democrat, have applied to serve as election judges and obtain any required training as soon as possible, and

WHEREAS, an Edgerton voter would have to travel approximately 20 miles roundtrip to vote at Dearborn, Missouri, the location of the alternative polling site, and

WHEREAS, the Platte County Republican Central Committee is firmly committed to the right of all citizens to vote.

It is therefore RESOLVED, that the Platte County Republican Central Committee urges the Platte County Board of Elections to reconsider it decision in light of the hardships that decision is placing on the voters of Platte County and maintain a polling site in Edgerton, Missouri, for November 4, 2014, general election.

The PCRCC worked to reverse the decision of the Board of Election but were unable to effect change for the November 2014 election.