On January 5, 2015 the PCRCC developed and approved our State Legislative Priorities.  These were hand delivered to our State House Representatives and Senator on January 7, 2015, the opening day of the legislative session.

Platte County Missouri Republican Central Committee

2015 State Legislative Priorities

Right to Work —- A fundamental right in a free society —- Protect our Freedom of Association

Support “Right to Work Legislation” in order to encourage job growth in Missouri.

“The Right to Work principle — affirms the right of every free American to work for a living without being compelled to belong to a union. Compulsory unionism in any form — “union,” “closed,” or “agency” shop — is a contradiction of the Right to Work principle and the fundamental human right which that principle represents. Every individual must have the right, but must not be compelled, to join a labor union.

Unions….. are private organizations. No other private organization in America insists on having the power to extract financial support from unwilling people.

Statistics show that Right to Work states enjoy greater economic vitality than do states where union membership is compulsory. ‘’ From the National Institute for Labor Relations Research.

Photo Voter Identification —– Protect the integrity of our vote.

Voters must show photographic identification when casting a vote in person; and voters must have their signature verified and include a copy of an acceptable form of photographic identification or provide a full driver’s license or non-driver ID number when voting by mail. Persons registering to vote for the first time in Missouri must prove U.S. citizenship when registering to vote.

Closed Republican Primaries —- Protect the integrity of our vote

Support the right of each specific political party to choose their own candidates when voting in a primary election. Republicans moving to the general election ballot must be chosen by members of their OWN party. Republican voters should be registered as such and only registered Republicans shall be allowed to vote in a Republican Primary.

Tax Increases on the Ballot —- Protect Taxpayers

Require that ALL elections that determine tax increases for the citizens of Missouri appear ONLY on the November ballot.

Fair Notice of Tax Law Changes —- Protect Taxpayers

Require the Department of Revenue to notify sellers if there has been a change in the interpretation of sales tax laws that modifies which items of personal property or services are taxable. No such changes in interpretation should be retroactive.

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) —- Protect our Freedom of Information

Review policies and structure to require complete transparency of our taxpayer dollars. Ensure accurate and COMPLETE information in accordance with the Missouri Open Records Law (Sunshine Law). For example: Require school districts to provide and DESE to post for public consumption total and complete compensation for each Administrator and Superintendent; including but not limited to, basic and special compensation, bonuses, retirement, health benefits, auto and housing allowance, other incentives, etc.

Politically Motivated Budgetary Holdbacks —- Protect Essential Services

Legislatively override the governor’s holdbacks of funding for essential services including but not limited to funding for education, cyber-crime enforcement and programs for the developmentally disabled, as permitted by Amendment 10.