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until Election Day 2010!!!

The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

Race to the Polls 2010. Click here to commit to vote.

The Platte County GOP’s headquarters is located at 7763 NW Prairie View Rd, KC, MO 64152. 816-505-1994. Please join us in making November 2nd a Republican VICTORY! Can you complete the victory checklist?

  • Contribute here to help our candidates compete against Democrat Special Interest groups
  • Register to vote by October 6th, 2010
  • Spread the message to undecided voters by volunteering at our headquarters!
  • Display a yard sign (or, let us know of a location for a large sign and we will put one up for you)
  • Request an absentee ballot (if applicable)
  • VOTE!!! on November 2nd!
  • Bring a friend or invite the neighbors to go to the polls with you!

Please visit the Platte County Board of Elections website for voter registration information, absentee ballots, pollling hours, locations, and additional election information.

To view Side 1 of the Sample Ballot for the 32nd District, click here.  For Side 2, click here. (Please note that the Republican Candidate for the 29th District of the Missouri House of Representatives is Galen Higdon and for the 30th House District, the Republican Candidate is Nick Marshall. The sample shown is for the 32nd District with Ron Schieber listed as the Republican Candidate.)

Thank you for your dedication!
~ The Platte County Republican Central Committee