Fellow Republicans,

It has been my great honor these past eight months to work with an amazing group of individuals to present Victory Rock.  This battle of the bands event, held April 27, 2012, was a major success for Republican youth efforts.  We had almost 300 people in attendance!

Theresa Emerson worked tirelessly on this event and deserves the majority of the credit for the event’s success.  Without her, I don’t feel I would have been able to be where I am today.  She cares so much about America’s future and she knows that the youth are the people who will change this country.  Her passion and genuine good heart have touched the souls of so many individuals.  She holds a special place in my heart.

The event itself was outstanding.  We had so many incredible local bands that performed in the competition.  Each band brought a different style to the stage.  From head banging metal music to classic rock, everyone found something to get up and dance to.  Madison Rising, a patriotic band from New York City, put on an excellent opener premiering their Rock ‘n Roll version of the National Anthem.  I had the privilege of spending a day with them showing them Kansas City at its finest.  They are a group that has tapped into something truly unique. They use modern day music to spread the message of freedom, liberty, and prosperity formed back in 1776.  It was a pleasure to have them join us and share their music with us. We hope to work with them again in the near future.

Probably the most pleasing thing for me was the number of local politicians and representatives that took the time to join us that evening. It warmed my heart to see them mingling with the youth and engaging them in conversation. I want to personally thank each of them for sharing that time with some people whom may not even be able to vote. They have defied the stereotypes of traditional politicians who only make the effort when it means a vote.

We had excellent speakers sharing their personal message as to why they chose to get involved in politics. From local area youth to Joshua Charles who co-authored The Original Argument with Glenn Beck, the crowd was more energetic after every speaker. I would like to thank each and every speaker for sharing their message with the youth. Each of them made quite the impact and touched many people with their stories.

Ladies and Gentlemen may I tell you one thing?  This is just the beginning.  This event has truly motivated the youth in Missouri!  Republicans are ready to team up with the young people to take our country back.  I encourage everyone to stay as active as possible as we go through the primary months and the general election. Stay strong, stay positive, and most importantly believe in the future of this country.


Katherine E. Thompson (Victory Rock Youth planner)